Was wir bieten ...

The in-house cuttings production for indoor plants are developed at the highest level. It guarantees pesticide-free young plants, which provide continuous quality of flowers. You get regular, plannable young plants in the optimal stage, which allows you to bring the plants to flower with little effort.


Due to the constant development of genetics, they always receive the latest information and trends from genetic breeding.



Diverse products, components from the origin to the finished product are subject to various legal or internal parameters, which determine the quality of a product. With our analysis system, you can cover your needs for necessary information about your sample in the shortest possible time.


Our team will assist you in determining the ingredients and automate the process of regular testing.



You have a product idea?


We will be pleased to clarify your product idea, the needs of your customers and possibilities for product development in our company or with our partners. You will receive feedback on feasibility, deadlines and profitability of your project. We gladly accept the implementation via us or our partners as general project manager.